Learning More About Your Accident

Helpful Tips When Filing for Social Security Disability

If you have a disability that is preventing you from working, you may be able to qualify for a special program known as Social Security Disability. It's reserved for people that can no longer make a living because of a medical problem. This process can seem daunting at first, bust you can set yourself up for success by remembering these tips when filing a claim. See If You Condition Qualifies Read More 

What Steps Go Into An Auto Accident Claim?

Every auto accident lawyer has a process for handling their clients' claims. For folks who've never dealt with the system before, it can feel slow and even downright unjust at times. It can be helpful to learn a bit about why the typical auto accident attorney working with a client might take a steady step-by-step approach. Gathering Information Once you've settled a claim, there's close to zero chance you'll get another opportunity to be compensated. Read More 

6 Mistakes To Avoid After Being Involved In A Commercial Truck Accidents

Large commercial vehicles such as trucks can be highly destructive in the event of an accident. To minimize the expense of damages and injuries caused by a commercial truck, it's important to respond promptly and appropriately to accidents. The following are six mistakes to avoid after a commercial truck accident to handle the situation appropriately and make sure that all parties involved are compensated appropriately for damages: 1. Neglecting to seek medical treatment right away for injuries Read More 

Going To The Water Park This Summer? 4 Steps To Take If Your Child Sustains Injuries

Summer is coming up. If you've got a trip to the local water park planned, be sure to take extra precautions. Water parks can be a fun way to cool off during the summer, but they can also be dangerous. If your child is injured during a trip to the water park this summer, here are four steps you'll need to take right away. Speak to the On-Site Supervisor If your child is injured at the water park, you'll need to speak to an on-site supervisor right away. Read More 

Avoiding Motorcycle Injuries

Motorcycle riding comes with some inherent risks, but there are things that you can do to protect yourself as a rider. Here is a guide to injuries on motorcycles.  Types of Common Injuries There have been numerous studies done on the types of injuries that are common in motorcycle accidents. For example, some studies show that the most common injuries in non-fatal crashes occur to the lower extremities, including the legs and feet. Read More 

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Learning More About Your Accident

How much do you really know about the day you got into a car accident? If you are working by yourself, it might be hard to find out who the other drivers were that caused the accident, what the traffic camera footage shows, and how many police officers arrived to help. However, if you make the right decision and work with an accident attorney, he or she can do all of the detective work for you. I know how important knowing the facts can be when you are researching your case, which is why I want to spread the word about working with a lawyer.